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7 reasons you need to consolidate your call centres

by Matt Carracher
01 August 2017
7 reasons you need to consolidate your call centres
If your employees are takings calls to answer customer enquiries, or your company contact centres are scattered geographically, it might be time to consider centralising your contact centre operation in a single location.

Customers all over Australia are being put on hold, moved on to another person, or told to email their enquiry so “we can attend to it later”. At the same time, businesses are struggling to manage high volumes of calls to multiple sites, which are being answered by staff who are not employed to act as the company's phone operators.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Call consolidation is a cost-effective way to centralise calls made to a business’s individual sites, in a single location. This means that calls are redirected to trained call centre operatives, as opposed to employees pulled away from their main job to answer calls. Here are seven ways call consolidation could help your business.

1. Centralised operations and improvements

If you have multiple sites where employees are spending part of their day taking calls, consolidating calls into a centralised location means you can streamline operations and implement a reliable standard of customer service, while freeing staff to return to their proper jobs.

2. Improved customer experience

A contact centre operating from a single location with a core team focused on customer experience can be your differentiator. It can also act as an early warning system for customer sentiment. Few of us take to the phone these days – unless we have a problem we can't resolve online. Call consolidation allows you to track negative sentiment and review the feedback your business is receiving. Monitoring contact, anticipating negative changes in sentiment and making the necessary changes to improve it, give a critical advantage to your business.

3. An omnichannel solution

As a consumer, you should be able to contact a business via your channel of choice. Changes in technology are seeing consumers reach out to businesses on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Some call consolidation providers include tracking, monitoring and responding to enquiries and comments over the phone, via email, webchat or social channels – wherever your customers are.

4. Flexibility and scalability

Outsourcing your contact centre to an experienced firm gives you the flexibility to scale your staff requirements up or down if your business is seasonal or you need a temporary operation. This means you can fill your contact centre with highly trained staff to match your requirements over a peak season or event and scale down during quieter periods.

5. On-demand solutions

Every business dreads the thought of a product recall or emergency. Should it happen, call consolidation can offer an on-demand solution, depending on your provider. That means trained staff to manage and field calls, and flexibility around the size of the operation. It’s even possible to put together a compact call centre within one to two days to handle any crisis. Life happens, but an organisation’s ability to manage a crisis is what lives on forever.

6. Improved data and reporting

Data on clients and customer experience is something in which all businesses are keen to invest. Call consolidation, especially when combined with customer experience solutions, can help. When calls are managed through a centralised CRM, you can easily gather and compare data on sentiment, enquiry type and customer demographics. This information can inform your business strategy and help you to implement better user experiences across your digital and in-store spaces – not to mention product development and marketing.

7. Return on investment

Call consolidation offers vast operational cost savings in areas like real estate and infrastructure, utilities, technology, and hardware. Because you’re operating from a single location rather than multiple regional areas, your expenses shrink. Outsourcing to an offshore location where the cost of living is lower than in Australia means you can save even more on resourcing.
Is customer contact part of your core business? Or maybe your organisation is looking to improve the customer experience? Call consolidation could help. Find out more about Salmat’s contact centre offering or call us on 1300 725628.

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