5 Things You Absolutely Must Be Doing To Drive Online Conversions

by Wasif Kasim
04 September 2015

Getting lots of traffic to your website? Don’t get too comfortable. Research shows that over 67% of online customers abandon their shopping cart before completing the checkout process.

Think about it. That’s at least two out of every three visitors who are dropping out before buying.

So you need to take every possible opportunity to optimise your site for conversion. And that doesn’t always mean driving people to purchase – it could be creating an account, signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an app, or something else.

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Whatever it is you want visitors to do, here are five ways to get them to take action:

1. Speak your customers’ language

Get to know your customers and talk to them in a way that you know will engage them. Some customers will love long webpages and blogs filled with details and inspirational stories. But many customers are time-poor and simply want to get straight down to business. The best approach is to cater for both. Keep the short, concise content as the first thing visitors see, with an option to click through for more details or to watch a video. Throughout it all, keep the language simple without any jargon or tech speak they won’t understand.

Online Conversion Hack: Knowing how your customers consume media, both written and video, will help you design an experience that will meet their needs and expectations throughout their journey.

2. Create specific landing pages

If you’re using Pay Per Click ads or a “redeem an email offer” to drive customers to your site, create landing pages for each offer. Make things incredibly easy for your customers – don’t ask them to search your homepage or trudge through your whole website for the offer. Be consistent with the ad copy and landing page copy, ensuring the messaging is the same. And include a video; research shows videos on landing pages increase conversions by a massive 86%.

Online Conversion Hack: Design a clear-cut pathway to the offer, so it’s as easy as possible for consumers to get what they want.

3. Get to the point, fast

Most people don’t have the time or patience to scour through your content to find out why your product or service is the best. So make their life easy and clearly state the benefits of your product or service from the outset. This should be the very first thing they see when they click onto your site, wherever they’ve come from. Keep the statements short and use language that sets you apart from your competition.

Tempted to write more? Take a look at the number of words used by Apple on their landing pages, and compare them with Microsoft.

Online Conversion Hack: A clear concise communication of “value to customer” will win you more sales. Take a look at your website and landing pages – is this the first thing people see? If not, you need to make changes.

4. Revamp your CTA designs

People need to be told exactly what to do – whether that’s to click a button or fill out a form. Don’t be afraid to repeat the call to action in several prominent places on each page. Create a visual flow on the page to lead the customer’s eye to the call to action.

Even if you do the above, be sure to revamp your call-to-action designs regularly. Call-to-action designs can get stale, especially if you use the same design across lots of marketing channels. The longer they stay on your site, the more your web visitors are accustomed to seeing them and the less effective they are in driving action.

Online Conversion Hack: Incorporate strong calls to action in your website layout and language. Refresh your call-to-action designs over time to ensure they grab attention.

5. A/B test multiple options

Conduct regular A/B tests to improve the performance of your web pages.  Words, font size, layout and colours will all make a difference to your online conversion rate. Take the simple ‘Buy Now’ button – it will perform differently depending on where it’s placed, how big it is and what colour it is. Test your CTA variables, page layout, page length, form design and more. Measure your results so you can easily see what works best and continually optimise your site for maximum conversions.

Online Conversion Hack: Conduct lots of A/B testing of your webpages to see which perform better. Test lots of variables, especially focusing on your call-to-action and lead-capture form designs.

Important: This list is not a magic bullet for online conversions.

There are lots of ways to optimise your online conversions. At the end of the day, your success comes down to continually testing, measuring and refining your approach. You can’t afford to be precious about your website design; be flexible, agile, willing to experiment and try new things. If something isn’t working, don’t wait for it to impact your ROI – change it. The way customers use websites to research and purchase is changing all the time, and you need to change with them.

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