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5 reasons your business needs a call centre

by The Salmat Team
13 October 2016

There are plenty of call centre myths floating around. Here's a look at some common misconceptions about call centres, and how you can benefit from today's innovative call centre technology.

1. I don't need a call centre

Is that true? Think about it. The people calling your business are your leads and existing customers. In other words, they are your lifeblood. As such, they deserve the highest level of service at all times. Say you're trying to make a same-day dinner reservation for friends on a surprise visit to town, but your favourite place just won't pick up the phone. Do you keep calling all day, leaving your plans in the balance until the last minute? Most likely, you'll call another restaurant – taking your business elsewhere. Don't let your company make the same mistake.

2. Nobody uses the phone anymore

While email and social media may be fine for certain types of enquiries, they will never replace being able to talk to a real person. A study by American Express revealed that as the complexity of an enquiry increases, the more customers prefer to have a phone-based conversation. In an age when automated interactions are on the rise, providing a human touch is more important than ever.

3. It's too expensive

Instead of thinking it's too costly, consider how much it's costing you to go without a call centre. With the right call centre service strategy in place, you can enjoy a significant improvement in your customer service levels, while simultaneously slashing your operating costs by a third or more.


4. Call centres are just cost centres

All successful businesses understand the importance of making the most of every customer interaction. If you don't have a call centre, you're forfeiting the opportunity to convert a frustrated customer into a satisfied one, and subsequently create a loyal brand ambassador. You might be surprised to discover, once you start analysing your current call volumes, just how much time could be saved by having dedicated experts on hand to respond to customer calls. Understanding the nature of the calls your business receives – the number of calls, issues being raised, average call times, and whether customer concerns are being effectively resolved – could reveal that a call centre would be a more efficient way to handle most queries.

5. The technology is outdated

Forget the old-fashioned call centres of yesteryear. Instead, think innovation. Today's technology solutions are packed with advanced features and integrated tools, while providing a single, easy-to-use window into all your channels. Thanks to the cloud, call centre technology is now fully flexible and scalable, ready to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Your expectation of a typical call centre interaction might involve spending long, tedious minutes on hold, but with today's technology, it's a simple matter for callers to request a call back, effectively reducing wait times to zero. And with dynamic contact centre services available, the days of the call centre becoming all but unreachable at peak times are over – within hours, businesses can scale up their capacity to meet demand, even if it's unanticipated.

If you're looking for a call centre solution that brings together cutting-edge innovation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, call us on 1300 725 628..

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