4 proven tactics to optimise special offer emails

by Melle Staelenberg
10 March 2017
Make them an offer they can't refuse
Email marketing continues to top the charts when it comes to ROI, so how do you make your customers an offer they can't refuse?

With nearly three-quarters of businesses rating email marketing as good in terms of ROI, you can bet your emails have stiff competition for customer click-through. In Australia, the average open rate across all industries is 32.4%, while the click-through rate is just 4.4%. 

We know that coupon codes are one incredibly effective method to encourage click-through - and purchase - but they aren't the only way.

So, how can you encourage your customers to open the most important email – yours? Here are the tactics that some of Australia’s biggest brands use.

Compose the subject line with your customers in mind

Use consumer data to learn more about your customers – including terms that inspire action. Consider using words that suggest value, timeliness or exclusivity. 

Implement A/B testing to find out more about the keywords and phrases that resonate with your audience. Create two (or more) versions of an email to communicate the same message with different copy. It’s particularly effective for testing subject lines, because it can show dramatic variance in open rates.

Send email A to 5% of your readership, email B to another 5% and the version that performs the best to the remaining portion. Most email service providers have an A/B testing function built in.

Add a personal touch 

While email automation is widespread, personalisation is still the cornerstone of marketing – and this goes well beyond simply using your customers' names in emails. Personalisation hinges on creating a better customer experience by making the content relevant to their interests.

Priceline Birthday Emails

Priceline sends members of its Sisters Club birthday offers.

Consider providing your customers with targeted email offers based on their purchase or browsing history. For example, using information obtained through its Sister Club membership program, Priceline can serve customers discount codes for products they’ve previously purchased and may be considering again.

The likelihood of a buyer following through to repurchase a couponed item is high. In fact, 70% of today’s buyers want to receive email coupons for products they’ve bought before.

These targeted offers work because they appear hand-picked and exclusive, helping build the customer relationship. To pair an offer with a customer, segment your mailing lists based on purchasing habits and other criteria, such as previous engagement with your emails as well as gender, location and age. An email marketing automation platform, such as Dotmailer, can help you make the match.

Email marketing and fashion ebook

Be sure to select an email service provider that integrates with your e-commerce solution – it will make segmentation and automation a breeze.

If you have different acquisition sources – social platforms, in-store lists or mailing lists – consider how you can use this data to personalise your next message.

Build excitement and create real value for your customer

Using data to learn more about your customers is important for conversion. It allows you to change your approach to match their behaviour and, more importantly, you can begin to identify the motives and values that drive it. One such driver is their purchasing intent.

If a customer seeks out your site online, you can assume they are interested in making a purchase. Engage with them at this early stage to build hype around your business offering, a campaign or a special promotion.

Flight Centre uses a campaign page with a countdown clock to create a sense of urgency for their Flight Club email-only offer, driving visitors to sign up while there’s still time. 

Flight Centre uses a countdown to drive a sense of urgency

Flight Centre incorporates a countdown into its emails.

After sign-up, Flight Centre's first email welcomes you into the fold with an exclusive offer, perfectly matching your purchasing intent.  

Move from transactions to relationships

Remember, the tone of voice you use, and the kind of content you promote through your email campaigns, will have an influence on your audience. Receiving a sale notification every day is one way for a customer to quickly tire of your message and unsubscribe. Strike a balance with the number of emails you send and you will ensure a long-term relationship with your customers.

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