3 insider tips for letterbox drop measurement

by The Salmat Team
13 October 2016

Despite the advent of online advertising, letterbox campaigns remain one of the most powerful ways to successfully market your business, and they can deliver a solid return on investment.

Consumer attitudes to letterbox marketing materials are overwhelmingly positive. With research by Australia Post finding that 83% of people bring unaddressed mail into the house alongside their personal mail, there is no doubt that a flyer or catalogue campaign can garner plenty of traction with your target audience.

So how can you measure the success of your letterbox campaign in simple, clear terms? There are three easy ways to determine the success of your campaign.

1. Pull your data before and after

Before you even start your campaign, it’s essential to understand the current state of your business. How many sales are you currently making? How many people visit your store each day? Do you receive many phone calls or visits to your website?

It’s essential to monitor these figures before you even think about the type of campaign you want to run, and what you would like it to achieve.

How to integrate letterbox into a multichannel marketing strategy

Once you have determined how you will execute your campaign, it’s time to monitor again. Advertising can often have a delayed ‘real-world’ effect, and so the changes may be slow but steady. This means that if you don’t track sales, visitors, and enquiries, it will be difficult to measure the success of your campaign.

Be realistic about what success means to your business, and then compare the numbers before, during, and after the campaign to see how well it worked.

2. Use technology to monitor engagement

Run your letterbox drop using the latest technology, ensuring it integrates with your online marketing efforts.

Experienced marketing service providers can deliver the most up-to-date information and methods for identifying neighbourhoods and lifestyle characteristics. This can include geodemographic, multichannel and psychodemographic profiling, so your campaign reaches the right people.

Encourage the recipients of your letterbox materials to engage with your company through links to your website, discount offers, or QR and simple codes. Using a code or landing page to access a discount, more information, or a special offer means you can measure where your new customers have come from and how successful the uptake of your offer was.

3. Don’t emphasise immediate results – give your campaign time

While letterbox drops can garner immediate success, it can also take time to see just how successful they have been.

According to Dynamic Business, the highest response rates to letterbox campaigns often occur after the recipient has received material three or four times. It pays to persist and to budget in multiple campaigns before expecting peak success.

Consistency is key too. The promotion, offer, or type of business you have will somewhat dictate how frequently you should run your campaign, but consistently contacting consumers across a few months is likely to mean you increase recognition of your brand.

This increase in awareness can be hard to track in the short term, but if you’ve projected success at the end of a 12-month period, following several letter drops, you should expect leads to grow after every subsequent drop.

Would your business benefit from precise audience targeting through letterbox distribution? Salmat can deliver to more locations than any other catalogue and letterbox service. Get a quote today or call us on 1300 725 628.

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