How to create a compelling offer

by The Salmat Team
10 October 2019
How to Create a Compelling Offer
Flyer distribution is one of the most cost-effective strategies for local area marketing. Read Salmat's guide to getting the most out of your leaflet campaign.

How to create a compelling offer

Nothing beats the feeling of bagging a bargain. It’s a rush that seems to drive a lot of Australian shoppers too. It was named the second reason why consumers buy a certain brand (beyond price and quality) by consumers in our own Salmat Marketing Report 2019. Some 49% of consumers rated it most important when purchasing, compared to 37% of marketers.

But what makes a compelling offer?

When you look at a flyer, the brand message should not only grab people, but be easy to understand. Whether it’s telling readers that a sale is on now, or there’s a deal on toilet paper, the message should be loud and clear – even from a quick glance. This means consideration needs to go into the messaging and design, as well as the brand’s ability to track the campaign – you’ll want to know whether the campaign worked so you can replicate or adjust it in the future.

In this blog, we will argue that a compelling offer is one that is actionable, desirable and trackable. We’ll outline what to consider when creating a compelling offer for your next flyer campaign, how to incorporate it into the design and what to consider when tracking the campaign.

Provide compelling offer

The messaging around offers is very important, according to the findings of our recent SMR 2019. Two thirds of respondents said that saving money was important to them when shopping. When we asked whether people would prefer to be able to spend more or save more, the majority (37%) chose savings, followed closely by those who would like to spend more to save more (35%). The takeaway is that shoppers like to feel like they are getting a bargain.

An offer should be both simple and easy to understand. There are the standard offer formats (see examples below) which are used across the retail industry and so are instantly recognisable and actionable by consumers. For inspiration, check out Lasoo, the online portal for catalogue shoppers.


Buy one, get one free

20% off summer savings

Spend $100 save $20

There is always scope to use more persuasive language in support of the offer. First catch the attention of your reader with the main offer then draw them in with details of how and where they can take advantage of the offer. This means giving specific details like store locations, short and snappy website addresses, contact details. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the reader to action.

Incorporate offer into your design

Make sure your offer is front and foremost in the design of your flyer. Red is commonly used during sale periods to promote offers as it is believed to stimulate a sense of urgency. However, don’t feel tied to this colour. Red has developed its association with special offers over a long period of usage, but you may choose to adopt a vibrant (and contrasting) colour to promote your special offers. Consistent usage will help associate this colour with special offers.

For more ideas on how to use colours in your flyer, check out our blog article on that subject.

Remember to track your campaign

The success of a campaign should be easily quantifiable. How many people have taken advantage of the offer? If you used a campaign code, how many people have used it? But more likely, you will want to consider other factors to judge the overall success of your campaign.

Some factors to consider include:

  • Revenues for store/product
  • Store footfall
  • Website traffic
  • Search traffic

Once you have judged whether your campaign has been a success or not, you have two courses of action. If the campaign has been a success, then you can easily replicate the formula on a regular basis. If the campaign has not been deemed a success then how can you change the wording/offer in future campaigns? This is the time to experiment before you hit on the winning formula.

Flyer campaigns are a great way to get into the home of your customers. You only have a few moments to grab their attention, so don’t waste their time. Including simple, succinct and actionable offers on your next flyer, could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign.

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