How to build a winning flyer campaign

by The Salmat Team
13 September 2019
How to build a winning flyer campaign
You’re a business with a big message. Find out how to use flyers to communicate your special offers quickly and effectively.

Flyer campaigns are at the heart of any local marketing campaign. A well designed flyer can live on your customer's fridge for months on end. Investing time in the creation of the offer and call to action (CTA), design and distribution of your flyer campaign is, therefore, a worthwhile investment.

But where do you start?

Putting some consideration into your flyer campaign will not only increase the impact, but sweat your investment to maximise ROI. In this guide, we will cover the three key requirements to consider when building your own flyer campaign: the offer/CTA, artwork and distribution.

Letterbox marketing, after all, has the ability to target specific, localised audiences or up to 20.3 million Australians (according to the Real Media Collective's 2018 Annual Industry Report). Salmat alone reaches 17 million Australians twice a week. Your flyer could sit alongside those of some of the biggest brands in Australia.

Is your offer and call to action (CTA) simple?

When your customer looks at your flyer there should be one key message that speaks to them. You’ll have seen it on the flyers you have received through your own letterbox: ‘call us now’, ‘sign up today’ or ‘come in store to get your free …’. These are all clear calls to action that tell your customer exactly what you want them to do. Including an offer code can also help you track your campaign’s success.

Now, it might be tempting to include multiple calls to action on one flyer, but we recommend resisting this temptation. Limiting your flyer to one simple message makes it clear to the customer what they have to do and gives you the chance to place the offer front and foremost in the design of the flyer. Remember, the flyer could be one of many that are delivered on that day so the punchier the messaging, the better.

How to design your flyer

What better way to help your flyer stand out than to invest in a professional design? There are many printing options to take into consideration when designing a flyer. What size flyer do you want? What thickness of paper do you want the design printed on? Do you want to experiment with shapes? Embossing? Metallic inks? There are a lot of options to choose from.

Work with your designer to create a design that works aesthetically but is print ready. Something as simple as the quality of the paper used (known as ‘stock’ in the trade) can impact on your customer’s perception of your brand. The thicker the paper, the stronger the belief that this is a quality brand.

Print is a tangible channel – make sure you make the most of it.

Additional factors to consider when choosing your paper stock include, will you be printing on both sides? Will you be folding the paper? Will you have a magnet on the back of the flyer?

How to distribute your flyer

Letterbox distribution is a sophisticated channel, giving users the option to target specific demographics. Build out a profile of your customer and Salmat can help you find those people.

A few questions to ask yourself before you get going are:

  • What age are your target customers?
  • What gender are your target customers?
  • Where are your stores located? (area you want to target)
  • What type of product are you selling (big ticket items etc - will help dictate social status)

Salmat has a team of distributors that span Australia. We can deliver to a few streets, a few suburbs or your whole local area. Our team uses demographic profiling to determine where your target market lives and so will organise letterbox distribution to the relevant areas.

Speak to Salmat about the importance of making multiple letterbox drops over the course of your campaign. Doing so will reaffirm your brand in the mind of your customer so that when the time comes for them to call a plumber, for instance, yours is the phone number they call.

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