How to create the Daddy of all Father's Day campaigns

by The Salmat Team
06 August 2018
How to create the Daddy of all Father's Day campaigns

Did you know 20% of Australia’s population is made up of dads? That’s around 4.6 million opportunities to boost your sales this Father’s Day.

According to IBISWorld, Australians were expected to spend over $1.4 billion indulging their mums this year – about $61.31 per mum. That’s more than twice the average spent on Father’s Day gifts. Is it because we love our mums more than our dads? Or is it because we actually have no idea what to get our dads and end up leaving it to the last minute? Whatever the excuse, this year we believe it’s time for dads to get what they deserve on the first Sunday of September.  No longer will socks and jocks cut the mustard.
As a business owner, it’s your duty to make sure the dads get the gift they want and truly deserve. And as your reward, you can expect your sales and profits to grow. Here are 8 Father’s Day marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Hard to find gifts

Socks, underwear and power tools might be the dream present for some Dads, but you can bet your bottom dollar they’re not for everyone. So what do you buy the Dad who has it all? That’s where you come in. Send out a letterbox campaign with a gift guide based on father’s interests. So if you’re a fitness business, include something special for the Iron Pumping Dad, the Yoga Dad, the Footy Dad, and not forgetting the dad who enjoys a Sunday stroll…around a golf course. Line this up with your online and social media marketing – ask your followers which dad is most like theirs and point them towards your gift guide for the perfect Father’s Day present.

2. Welcome the kids and grab the mums

In Australia, approximately 2.2 million dads have children aged under 18. That’s why Father’s Day is a great opportunity to engage families, right down to their littlest members. Create an event for kids to come to your store and select items just for dad. Maybe designate a special area full of a low-priced selection for those kids using their hard-earned pocket money to buy a gift. You can also include a special crafts table where they can personalise the gift. The best part is that somebody has to bring the kids in, and this will usually be the spouse who is likely to be looking for a more expensive gift for their own dad too! Now you have two satisfied customers.

3. Vouchers all wrapped up

When it comes to gift giving, there’s nothing like the experience of watching your loved one unwrap the gift and seeing their reaction. That’s why, if you’re offering vouchers for “experiences”, you should consider creating a tangible gift that can be wrapped up and given to dad. For example, if you’re offering personal training vouchers, offer a free fitness bag or water bottle with the purchase.

4. Reward loyal dads

Do you have customers or clients who are fathers? Organise a letterbox campaign targeting your local area with a special gift, Father’s Day card or invitation to celebrate. They’ll feel special and you’ll underscore their loyalty.

5. Boys’ day out

A great idea for pubs is to organise an event just for the boys. Oh, okay… they can invite their wives too. But the idea is to make the men feel valued. Give them their first drink for free or a special deal on meals with group bookings.

6. Dads eat for free

Whoever said “there’s no such thing as a free meal” clearly doesn’t know good marketing. After all, what better way to get families to spend Father’s Day in your establishment than letting dads eat for free? Make it big – send out a letterbox flyer to local households promoting your special deal, send an email invitation to your customer database and post it on your social media pages. Add the provison that the deal only applies when they book a table, and you’ll know exactly how many you’re catering for on the day.

7. Make life easy for dad

Everyone could do with a little more “me” time, and dads are no exception. Think about what you could offer that frees up dad’s time to spend with the family, or himself. Get creative with this and you’ll see the rewards. Pubs or gyms could offer a free car wash while dads are working out or eating lunch. Make it good and your offer can quickly go viral!

8. Create a Father’s Week

Why stop at one day for dad when you can have seven? For all those dads who can’t be with their family on the first Sunday of September, create a week of activities and deals. It gives you six more opportunities to boost sales!

Final Thoughts

Think about your target market

It’s tempting to make Father’s Day marketing at the male market. But when you think about, it’s actually the wives, girlfriends and mothers who are more likely to buy a Father’s Day gift. Look for ways to engage and connect with the Mums, wives and kids to encourage them to make a purchase.

Who’s the daddy?

Grandfathers, stepfathers, first-time dads, households with two dads, godfathers and father figures; remember to market to all types of dads and your sales will reward you.

Act now

Unlike with Mother’s Day, most people don’t think about Father’s Day until closer to the date. And some need more than one reminder before they make a purchase! Get on the front foot and start organising your promotions and letterbox advertising now.

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