How to win at local marketing this Mother's Day

by The Salmat Team
13 April 2018
How to win at local marketing this Mother's Day
In the lead up to Mother's Day 2018, how should local retailers structure their marketing campaigns to get the biggest bang for their buck?

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what campaigns you will be running in the lead up to the big day.

To help you get started, read our guide below to help build your own Mother’s Day campaign.

Start your campaign early

Everybody knows that Mother’s Day comes around once a year, but few remember the date of the holiday. Provide a public service announcement by reminding your database and customer’s that Mother’s Day is coming up with a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Consider starting your campaign a month in advance of the day itself. This is close enough to the actual date for the customer to feel some sense of urgency, but also allows you enough time to promote your campaign a few more times in advance of the day.

Peter Alexander campaign

In 2016, Peter Alexander ran a Mother’s Day campaign with Dame Edna Everidge. The first of the campaign emails began in April, a month ahead of the actual date. Each of the emails suggested individual and groups of items that could be purchased as perfect presents for your mum.

Email subject line: Listen up possums...Peter's New Sleepwear Collection is for all types of Mums!

Create special products and packages

When it comes to Mother’s Day, the ‘go to’ present is flowers. However, there are a million and one different products and experiences that you could give your loved one. Add a level of exclusivity to your gifts by creating special packages especially for Mother’s Day.

Consider coupling bestselling products with new products. The gift buyer can guarantee their mum won’t already have the item(s) in question, and it is a great opportunity to introduce a customer to your new products. Retailers are experts in merchandising so why not create your own in-store display to highlight possible Mother’s Day presents?

Make sure to select items at a range of price points so you have a suggestion for all your customers. In your display, offer suggestions on how the items could be bundled together to build a bigger present for those that wish to spend more. 

Draw attention to your campaign by dedicating this month’s window display to promoting Mother’s Day. Or why not invest in a chalkboard sign for outside your store door on which you can write little reminders in the month leading up to the day to keep the idea of Mother’s Day in your customer’s minds.

David Jones

A couple of years ago David Jones held a special Mother’s Day event where guests were able to enjoy tea from Royal Albert teaware, a glass of Jansz Tasmania sparkling, and T2 tea and coffee all served in the grand ballroom of their Elizabeth Street Store in Sydney.

In addition, guests left with a goodie bag that included testers of many cosmetic and beauty items sold in store, the hope being that these items are tried and tested by the customer – one of the biggest barriers to selling new items.

David Jones gave away goodie bags to ticket holders of their Mother's Day event in 2016.

Create awareness (cross promote)

Promote your campaigns on a variety of channels to ensure you have the biggest reach possible. Couple a flyer campaign in your local area with a series of email to your existing database. Social media is another way to continue the conversation about upcoming events by spotlighting specific products and offers.

Mecca Cosmetica

Cosmetics and toiletries retailer, Mecca Cosmetica used social media to spotlight its gift packaging service in its Melbourne store. Not only is the video content engaging, but it’s a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up and the store has the perfect gift.

Mother’s Day is just one of many holidays throughout the year. The above principles can just as easily be applied to a Valentine’s Day campaign as it can to an Easter campaign. Once you have the core components in place, you can be as creative as you like with the messaging and execution.

For more information on how you can incorporate flyer into your Mother’s Day, contact Salmat on 1300 725 628.

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