A quick guide to franchise brand compliance

by The Salmat Team
08 September 2016

When it comes to creating franchise marketing messages, promotional flyers, and discount offers, even the most well-intended franchisee can fall into the trap of breaking a brand's rules.

But an inconsistent brand identity can significantly impact a business’s ability to build trust and keep their presence strong in their customers’ minds.

Here’s a short guide to ensuring your brand messaging and processes remain consistent and compliant across the board, while also reducing the amount of time you spend managing the approval process.

Ensure you have a set of brand guidelines

One of the first steps towards a consistent brand message is to ensure your brand guidelines are in place and communicated to all franchisees. This could include any point of sale and marketing collateral.

If there are any changes being made to the brand’s identity, such as a logo design, ensure that those updates are also communicated to all franchisees in a timely manner.



Simplify processes to ensure accuracy and avoid errors

If franchisors introduce new collateral that hasn't been approved or adopted across the franchise chain, not only can it lead to administrative repercussions, but also severe marketing in efficiencies.

To reduce the risk of errors in your messaging, simplify or automate any complex logistical franchisee processes. This can include rolling out new product or service content, distributing marketing brochures and signage, creating price lists, and updating fulfilment processes.

Remember, many franchisees buy a franchise because of the marketing support offered by HQ. Therefore, it's important to make things as easy as possible for franchisees to use your brand. Ensuring an online database of collateral for print and digital, and using templates where franchisees can quickly and easily insert localised information, should be considered an organisational requirement.

Conduct regular training

Whether the franchise is on a national or local scale, it is important that the head office and respective franchisees have a clear, holistic view when it comes to the brand’s marketing strategy and overall company vision.

Make your franchisees feel well-supported and keep brand compliance top of mind through ongoing training sessions – both face-to-face and online through an e-learning portal. This also helps to ensure that franchisees maintain a high standard of operations, and helps keep them motivated and connected to the business.



Use a centralised platform to manage your campaigns

Another way to ensure your brand’s messaging stays consistent is to use a centralised platform to manage your marketing campaigns.

If you’re running multiple campaigns across various channels, a marketing automation platform can help you effectively manage different activities at a glance and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. This can radically improve efficiency, clearing up your marketing team's time approving or managing design requests, while also minimising errors among new staff, and protecting overall brand compliance. 

When it comes to franchisee brand compliance, it is important for franchisors to lead by example.

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