12 Creative Ways To Make Your Letterbox Flyer Stand Out

by The Salmat Team
23 March 2015

Creating a direct mail piece that will move people and stir them into action is truly a science.

Here are 12 tips to help you break out of the mailbox and get the right message to the right audience:

1. Try postcards.

Direct mail doesn’t have to be big and expensive to work. Postcards are cheaper to mail than letters, but you need to make the most of your space so people get your message in seconds. Make sure you have a snappy headline, strong image and powerful call to action.

2. Make ‘em big.

A large-format postcard can be just as cost-effective as a regular sized postcard while attracting even more attention.

3. Put a message on your envelope.

If you are using envelopes, you need to ensure people open it. Test different messages alongside blank envelopes to work out the best approach.

4. Get creative with business cards.

Business cards are affordable, easy and contain all the essential information. Make them work even harder by adding a call to action, offer, or special message. Try a super oversized business card or quirky shaped business card to get attention.

5. Make the message stick.

Add a magnet to your flyer and get it on fridge doors. Make it something people can use, such as a conversion table for baking or important tax-time tips.

6. Experiment with form-cut shapes.

Shape your letterbox flyer or card to grab attention or instantly convey your message. If you sell fruit, send out cards shaped like an apple or even a pineapple to advertise your seasonal specials or market events.

7. Make it a scratchie.

Nobody can resist a scratchie. This simple printing technique is a great way to get people to look at your flyer for a few seconds longer. And when they scratch to reveal a special offer, you have more chance of converting them.

8. Smell-o-flyer.

For those bigger letterbox campaigns, why not appeal to all the senses, including smell? Printing scents work wonderfully for food, health and beauty products.

9. Become an Origami expert.

The possibilities for folding are endless, and your letterbox flyer is only limited by your imagination. Fold your flyer into all sorts of shapes and sizes to get attention. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to stand out. 

10. Foil stamping.

Humans are like magpies – we like shiny things. And foil stamping is the answer. This process applies pigment or metallic foil to the paper using a heated die, resulting in a shiny, 3D image that will make your flyer stand out.

11. Emboss it.

Make people want to touch your flyer. Embossing uses etched dies and heat to raise or push letters or a particular design element above the surface of the paper. This creates a 3D effect that is not only eye-catching, but also appeals to our sense of touch.

12. Make it metallic.

Want to create a quality look and feel without the higher cost of foil stamping? Experiment with metallic inks. Choose from silver, gold, blue, purple, hot red and copper.

Next time you’re planning your letterbox campaign, take a look at your flyer and ask, “How can I make this stand out even more?” And if using one of the tips above makes people look at your flyer for just a few seconds longer, your experiment has been worthwhile!

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