2014 Digital Marketing Trends And Hot Topics From Kenshoo K2

by Rick Elenbaas
24 March 2014

What are the biggest trends in the digital marketing world? What keeps digital marketers up at night? What can we expect from 2014? These were some of the hot topics covered at Kenshoo K2 conference in February.

Held in San Francisco, the conference hosted some of digital marketing’s sharpest minds. And I was lucky enough to be part of it. There, right at the apex of the digital marketing world, we explored the trends and shaking up the industry, as well as the barriers holding it back.

Here’s my wrap-up of the event:

Behavioural Data on the Rise

Behavioural data is not new – today’s search marketers have the ability to provide some rough behavioural targeting using re-marketing lists for search ads, or RLSA’s. These provide the ability to bid differently based on defined user behaviour. For example, we can bid down branded keywords for users who have purchased and are conducting a brand-oriented search within 2 days of purchase (this avoids paying for clicks relating to customer service). Or we can bid more for returning users who have purchased within a nominated time frame.But our discussions revealed that RLSA’s could be the starting point for a large scale move into the application of more behavioural targeting to paid search, helping us improve targeting and personalisation.

Imagine the power of being able to:

  • Bid more for search users who are members of a business’s loyalty club
  • Bid more for users who have purchased higher value / high profit products
  • Serve more personalised messages promoting a limited discount for users who transact irregularly to try and win the sale
  • Bid less or not target users who have bad payment histories

Data Management Platforms

It’s no surprise the topic of Data Management Platforms (DMP’s) was so prominent; after all, there’s a collective push by digital marketers to try and link together multiple data sources. We crave the ability to import and marry disparate data sources in a single location. To interrogate the data for insights and feed this back into future campaigns for email, display, search and more. Personally, I think this shift towards consolidated data management platforms will only accelerate – if Oracle’s recent purchase of Blue Kai is anything to go by, it’s already started.

Content, content, content

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that content is crucial to successful digital marketing. At Salmat Digital we know from experience how great content underpins social, organic and paid search initiatives and can drive exponentially better results. And it’s showing no signs of decline.

Digital marketers in 2014 need to be working on developing content assets in formats that better engage users. Assets that can be optimised and shared across earned, owned and paid channels.

It’s no surprise then, that video content and paid video advertising is exploding. Expect to see more marketing dollars flow into video asset development and promotion in the near future.

The Attribution Puzzle

From what I can tell, the attribution puzzle still keeps digital marketers up at night. Most marketers I met were using multi-touch models where possible, but they still struggle with issues such as a lack of scalable cross device tracking. One thing is clear: we all crave more clarity about how our digital marketing channels drive both direct and assisted conversions. The solution can’t be far away… watch this space.

The Best of the Rest

There were other topics on the agenda, such as the race to close the loop in tracking the impact of online to offline, and how marketers should be tinkering with paid social campaigns. But ultimately it all came down to one thing: innovation. The drive for innovation across the industry needs to be relentless if digital marketing is to move forward. And at Salmat Digital, we are only too happy to oblige.

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Images sourced from Kenshoo

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