The Seven Doors Of Salmat

by Salmat
18 March 2014

We have our foot in almost every door across Australia* - over 6.5 million of them. From the shared inner city dwelling to the outback farmhouse - we know the doors of Australian homes better than anyone. But what’s behind our own? Here are 7 reasons why you’ll want our number…

We’re Broadcast

We can deliver to over 17 million* Australians twice a week, every week - no sweat. That’s 6.5 million* letterboxes with your brand inside. We’ll go the distance to target any demographic in almost every location. State and territory borders are just lines on a map to us.

We’re Micro

We are pioneers of efficient marketing and can help pinpoint the location of your perfect audience - no matter how small. In areas, we can define, locate and deliver to as little as 200 homes. Now that’s targeted advertising.

We Work With the Best

We don’t discriminate between sizes - from the most well-known companies in Australia to the fledgling start-ups, we love working with the best and brightest brands. It’s an advantage we've built over many years, so we've earned the right to boast.

We’re Environmental

Let’s clear the air - catalogues have a smaller carbon footprint than other media. Our tread is 7.5 times lighter than TV’s and 3.5 times lighter than newspapers’. While our greenhouse emissions are small, our lifespans are long; 70% of our catalogues are recycled**. Now that’s clever waste management.

We’re Digital

We don’t just look good on paper. Catalogues and distribution are only one part of our business - we also have a large digital presence with over 1 billion page views served across our Universal Catalogue platform in 2013. Optimised for viewing on all devices - if people are out and about, they can always find your latest offers.

We’re Innovative

We put a twist on traditional. If it can safely fit inside a letterbox, we can deliver it* - the only limitation is your imagination. Mobile shopping carts can be integrated into campaigns for off-the-page purchases. That’s the definition of fast money.

We Know Research

We are more than just a paper route, our in-house research and analytics team will work closely with you to map the exact location and demographic you wish to target. We also look further afield by combining your data with category and media insights to guide improvements in campaign effectiveness. In other words, we do the brain and leg work.

To learn more about letterbox marketing, call us today on 1300 725 628.

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