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Voice Biometrics In The Finance Industry

by Brett Feldon
17 September 2013

For those operating in the financial services industry, security and detecting fraud will always be of paramount importance. The challenge is how to protect the bank and the customers’ personal and financial access while also creating a positive customer experience with short call times and without the sometimes annoying security questions says Brett Feldon, CTO of Speech Solutions at Salmat.

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About the author
Brett Feldon
GM - Speech Solutions

Brett Feldon is the General Manager at Salmat’s Speech Solutions business, which delivers tangible business benefit through the use of natural language, speech recognition and voice biometric technologies for customer service. He has a long history in understanding the challenges that underpin the delivery of customer service through contact centres, and the application of technology to improve that service delivery. In his roles across three countries he has had oversight of the delivery of customer service improvements with speech technology and related solutions across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US for both government and private sector users.

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