Mobile And Offline Media: Bridging The Gap

by Melle Staelenberg
27 March 2013

In this age of digital marketing, one might believe the days of outdoor and other traditional advertising platforms are numbered. However, the emergence of new media platforms has provided several opportunities to use these traditional media in interesting ways.

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About the author
Melle Staelenberg
Business Manager

Melle has been with Salmat since 2010. In his current role, Melle is responsible to maximise business value from Salmat’s core products, including email and mobile. His product expertise combined with a strong focus on research and a healthy dose of creativity helps driving Salmat’s digital roadmap. Melle holds a Masters degree in Business Economics and a BA in New Media & Digital Culture and is passionate about all things digital. Being Dutch, he likes to cycle – he’s also a big Ajax fan (the football team, not the cleaning product)!

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