13 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore [Free eBook]

by Ian Harris
23 July 2015

Are you ready for the future of digital marketing?

13 digital marketing trends ebookThe world is getting smarter. Smart watches. Smart cars. Smart kitchens. Smart dresses. (Yes, dresses). There’s never been a more important time for marketers to stay alert and ahead of the game.

In our free eBook, The Future of Digital Marketing, we reveal 13 digital trends no marketer can afford to ignore. (And no, smart dresses isn’t one of them.)

Here’s a glimpse at what makes our top three:

Digital influence: According to a recent Deloitte study, digital influenced $1.7 trillion worth of in-store sales in 2014 compared to just $0.33 trillion a couple of years ago. More and more consumers have already decided what to buy before they enter the store, and a staggering one-third of shoppers use digital while in the store.

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Merging of marketing channels: Screens, channels and moments of truth are integrating to deliver one experience to consumers, wherever they are in the lifecycle. Now, brands need to focus on delivering truly integrated strategies.

Experience-driven commerce: The new customer journey provides people with personalised, immersive experiences across any channel, any time. This might be beacons placed strategically to communicate with a branded app on a smartphone. So when they enter the store, the shopper receives personalised offers based on what their previous actions online.

Don’t be left behind. Download your free eBook to discover all 13 trends for digital marketing and start acting now.

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About the author
Ian Harris
Chief Operating Officer - Digital

Ian has over 25 years’ experience in digital and commerce. Ian specialises in online transformation, ecommerce build and channels. A Chartered Accountant by trade, Ian brings strong commercial skills as well as hands-on delivery and management experience. Ian has delivered change into significant organisations including: (1) P&L accountability for major online sales and marketing channels, (2) Leading the delivery for online implementations from $0.5M all the way up to > $25M, (3) Delivering digital self-service channels to millions of users, (4 )Driving significant incremental conversion over multiple years. Ian has worked in multiple industries across Telco, Manufacturing and Professional Services and brings a unique blend of all of these to today’s commerce landscape.

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