Eggs-Cellent Marketing Ideas To Drives Sales This Easter

by The Salmat Team
16 March 2015
Eggs-Cellent Marketing Ideas To Drives Sales This Easter
Get ready to maximise the eggs-traordinary opportunities to engage customers and boost sales. Take a look at our eggs-cellent tips for retail marketing to help your business egg-cel this Easter!

Get the timing just right

Just like the perfect egg, you need to time your Easter marketing campaign perfectly. While it’s tempting to start shouting about Easter straight after Christmas, this can undermine all your great work. People need a little time to wind down from all that festive cheer (and by cheer, we mean food) before they can stomach the thought of more chocolate.

The best time to activate your Easter marketing is around three weeks before the event. Research shows this is when Australians first start to talk about Easter on Twitter. Ramp up your campaign with one week to go, and then be sure to wrap it up quickly after Easter Monday.

Tailor your offer 

Just as with every other marketing campaign, you need to tailor your Easter marketing to the right audience. Think the things your customers will be looking for this Easter long weekend. For example, mums might be looking for easy ways to entertain the kids. Dads might want to start (and maybe even finish) painting the spare room. Some might want to relax and spend time with friends and family. And many people will be taking advantage of the long weekend to get away. If you’re not sure what they’re look for, ask them! Use your social media platforms to put the question out there: How will you be spending your Easter long weekend?

Once you’ve identified what they want, think about all the different ways you can provide the solution. It might be colouring-in competitions for kids, in-store expert workshops or gifts with purchase. Whatever you decide, make sure it adds value that they can’t get anywhere else.

Make it easy for customers

You can learn a lot from the big retailers. Walk into any supermarket and you’ll see they’ve started packaging up ingredients for Easter dinners. Meanwhile, the likes of Target and Big W focus on kids’ activities. And over in Bunnings, you’ve got every DIY project that can possible be completed in the Easter long weekend set out neatly, ready to bundle into your car and get started. The trick here is to make it really easy for customers to get what they want, fast.

Promote your opening hours

Easter long weekend is a confusing time. Every year, in the week leading up to Easter, my mum buys enough bread to feed the five thousand, just in case the shops are closed. They never are, but she doesn’t want to take that risk. In all your campaign communications, from letterbox drops to email marketing, make sure your opening hours are super clear.

Create strong calls to action

Easter is only here for four days, so don’t waste any time with ambiguous wishy-washy messages. Make your content and calls to action strong and clear. Focus on instilling a sense of urgency, so people are driven to act now.

Think big

Give customers a reason to buy big. With people typically enjoying some well-deserved time off over Easter, they can finally get around to making those purchases they’ve been pondering for a while. Those dollars are burning a hole in their pocket, so add a bit of oomph to your offers and entice them to spend with you.

Send an Easter voucher

Consider sending a letterbox drop with a time-sensitive voucher for Easter only. This has the double whammy effect of improving brand visibility and encouraging purchase. The other advantage of a physical voucher is that, if the recipient isn’t thinking of buying, they can share it with friends who are.

Digital Easter egg hunt

Drive interaction with your brand by setting up a simple Easter egg hunt on your website. Send an email blast or SMS campaign with the first clue and a link to the website. Users can then navigate through your website to find an egg which will provide a discount code for money off or a free gift. Chances are, while they’re searching through your website, they’ll find lots of products they want to buy!

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