Find out more about Salmats performance oriented approach to SEO that on average yields organic traffic improvements of circa 40% in the first 12 months for our clients.

Improve your site's SEO performance with Salmat

Salmat's approach to search engine optimisation is holistic; we take the time to understand our client’s entire business before considering visibility in the search engine results. Salmat understands that every business is unique and so every SEO campaign strategy takes on a tailored approach.

Whether you want to increase sales leads, improve traffic to your e-commerce site or boost calls to your B2B business, you can count on our team of search specialists to design and deliver a search strategy that attracts the people you want…the people who are most likely to become customers.

The Salmat approach to SEO

As an SEO agency in Australia, the Salmat SEO team uses a blend of service, strategy and technology to provide our clients outcomes that offer both education and tangible results.

The Salmat SEO team provides the following and more:

  • SEO strategy roadmap development
  • On-site / technical consulting
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing and optimisation
  • Link management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Local search strategy and optimisation
  • SEO training

Our experience

Our SEO team comprises of dedicated senior SEO consultants that have been working in the industry for decades. Each of our consultants is Google Analytics accredited and it shows; on average our clients benefit with +43% SEO traffic improvements in the first 12 months.

Your online competition

Key to performance in SEO is understanding the competitive landscape; why are your competitors performing for specific organic rankings? Knowing 'why' provides your organic search strategy with a clear path to success and an understanding of competitor activity allows your business to make strategic marketing decisions.

A better bottom line

Simply driving quality SEO traffic to your website is not enough. Following your visitor’s journey is an important part of our process. Be it click tracking, landing page design or conversion rate optimisation (CRO), the Salmat SEO team is experienced in providing an improved conversion rate for a myriad of business goals.

Conversion doesn't stop at your website - The Salmat SEO team have a wealth of experience with phone tracking technologies and the knowledge to leverage phone data to complement both SEO and SEM strategies.

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