Competitions are a fantastic and cost-effective way to generate your sales, grow your database, and build brand loyalty. 65% of Australians report that they purchased a brand or product because of a promotional offer*, so launch your own online competition within hours using Salmat’s easy-to-use, self-serve platform and track your success.

(*Source: ConsumerTrack Report 2013)

Do it yourself platform

Not only is our self-serve, competitions platform simple to use, it gives you the control to go to market quickly and efficiently. Launch your competition in 3 simple steps - choose the competition type, design and preview your competition, finalise and launch your competition. 


  • The control to build competitions yourself
  • Launch your campaigns as quickly and as often as you choose
  • Track your success with real-time reporting

Complete campaign management

Salmat can help you build your competition using our online platform.

What we can do:

  • Full promotional campaign management
  • Help with permits and campaign terms (conditions apply)
  • Creative product and web development

Cross channel engagement

Leverage your existing online and social channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Google +) to drive engagement with your competition. Make it easy for participants to engage by offering multiple options to enter - SMS, text, video or photo. 

Proven platform

Set up your competition quickly and drive engagement using tried and tested templates proven to convert. Alternatively, create your own design for your different channels. Whether you choose  single or multiple channels, your competition will be optimised for the device on which it appears.

Actionable Insights in real time

Track the success of your campaign using the platform’s analytics dashboard. The real-time data provides you with a live view of how your campaign is tracking, which channels are performing well and which need more attention. Use these insights to hone existing and future campaigns.

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