Customer-centric marketing. Driven by email. Fueled by Salmat. Our powerful and insightful email marketing solutions will transform the way you engage customers, so you can get even closer.

Next generation email marketing

A strategic solution means better email marketing results with less effort. With Salmat Influence, our email marketing expertise and best of breed email platforms come together to deliver a powerful and more efficient strategy that gets you closer to your customers and delivers the highest return on investment. Take advantage of our services to:

  • Drive customer acquisition
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Maximise return on marketing investment
  • Deliver highly relevant conversations with customers and prospects

One team. One vision

Make your brand stand out with unique email marketing campaigns. As an extension of your team, our aim is to drive your business forward. We dedicate time to listening to you, finding out your business goals and needs, and planning an email marketing strategy that targets success.

Create. Engage. Influence

Create highly relevant and engaging email marketing programs that leverage subscriber profiles, behaviours and lifecycle events. Feature-rich, fully scalable and easy to use, Salmat Influence will transform the way you use email marketing to connect with customers.

Your campaign, your way

Fully managed campaigns or self-service solution? Hosted in Australia or cloud-based? Incorporating best of breed email platforms, Salmat Influence gives the freedom to choose the level of control you want over your email marketing.

Campaign management made easy

Easily create, personalise, test, launch and optimise highly relevant email marketing campaigns with an intuitive interface that blends ease-of-use with advanced functionality.

Advanced segmentation and targeting

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Easy-to-use interfaces let you build, manage and define sophisticated targets.

Lifecycle marketing automation

Powerful lifecycle marketing automation makes it easy to launch automated event triggered programs. Choose from a program template (welcome, abandon, post-purchase, loyalty, win-back) or let our experts tailor an automated cross-channel and multi-stage digital marketing campaign specific to your business needs and objectives.

Seamless Integration

Leverage customer data across your multiple and diverse customer systems, with our wide range of APIs and support of other products and solutions.

Flexible Reporting. Deep Insights

Empower your teams with actionable insights into how email marketing campaigns are performing. Access powerful, user-friendly data dashboards and dynamic reporting. Slice and dice data to get the metrics that matter to you.

Targeted, everywhere

Test and optimise

Launch digital marketing campaigns capable of testing multiple variations of content and automatically determining and deploying the best-performing variation to maximise ROI. A/B testing makes it easy to test and improve any component of your email campaign.

Real-time visibility and reporting

Influence’s powerful reporting makes it easy to monitor and compare all key campaign metrics, including sent, failed, opens, clicks, shares, conversions, unsubscribes and complaints. View results via a campaign dashboard or drill into detailed reports that can be exported with one click.

Real-time connectivity to your data

Directly integrate your existing data sources for real-time targeting and personalisation. Advanced de-duplication, data hygiene and security capabilities keep your information current, accurate and safe.

We’re serious about privacy

Be confident that your communications are fully compliant. Australian Privacy Legislation is more stringent than ever, especially with the new data protection laws introduced in 2014. We take privacy very seriously. With the flexibility to host your data locally, Salmat can ensure your customer records are secure.

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