Put the customer at the centre of every interaction. Salmat’s speech and online assistant solutions are designed to help you create lower effort customer interactions and maximum contact centre efficiency.

Lower effort, lower costs

Whether your contact centre is small or large, simple or complex, Salmat’s Virtual Agent is on hand to help you reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Designed from the ground up, Virtual Agent can be built on for larger contact centres to fine-tune solutions and create even stronger outcomes.

Virtual Agent will help you:

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Reduce overall costs of your contact centre operation
  • Build a more engaged workforce
  • Increase contact centre capacity, without adding people
  • Help customers help themselves, and reduce effort
  • Enhance security
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and improve performance

Lower effort customer interactions and maximum contact centre efficiency.

Smart Routing

Average talk times have been reduced by 73 seconds per call

Using advanced speech technology, Virtual Agent lets customers cut to the chase. Like your real agents, he asks open-ended questions and understands the caller’s response beyond keywords or phrases. So the customer can be routed quickly to the right people who can help. With fewer misdirects and reduced agent handling time, the result is a more profitable call for the business and a more enjoyable experience for both the agent and customer.

Secure Identification

Contact centre agents spend an average of 26 seconds less on each call.

With a combination of smart questioning and voice biometrics, Virtual Agent Identity asks the fewest questions possible to successfully and securely identify each caller. Just one simple question may be all it takes.


Enhance customer self-service over the phone and reduce the workload of your live agents. Virtual Agent can manage and automate a broad range of interactions, such as:

  • Store location information
  • Payments
  • Reading and accepting terms and conditions
  • Surveys
  • Delivery track and trace information
  • Quoting

With Virtual Agent taking on the more repetitive low value tasks, your team can concentrate on the high value conversations they are trained for. Plus you can save costs on expensive temporary labour during seasonal peaks.

Online support

Automatically deliver the right answer to customer questions on your online sites, with Virtual Agent Online. Powered by the most accurate natural language processing in the world, Virtual Agent Online is proven to increase conversions and improve the customer experience.

By reducing call, email and live chat interactions, Virtual Agent Online lets you reduce your support costs by providing consistent information across channels.

  • Easy online access to disparate information sources
  • Personalises information to meet user needs
  • Resolves queries on the web, deflecting inbound calls

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