As the leading provider of promotion management and competition services in Australia, Salmat Digital has extensive experience in delivering successful consumer marketing campaigns that support all stages of lifecycle marketing and customer engagement strategies.

Salmat Digital can devise and execute each component of your campaign, including logistics and planning, advice on best practice and recommendations based on market trends, the development and hosting of complex integrated solutions, and all fulfilment requirements. Our expert team can provide compelling promotional concepts to help you select the most suitable engagement mechanic for your audience and deliver on marketing objectives.

We can also manage your promotion from end-to-end, providing consultancy at the planning stage, multi-channel execution, post-campaign insights and analysis, and future recommendations to feed into a long-term customer acquisition and engagement strategy. Our full promotional management service can ensure your campaigns meet objectives, success KPIs, and deliver return on investment.

Offering and Methodology

  • Industry insights and market trends
  • Concept development and ideation
  • Creative design
  • Multi-Channel integrated mechanics (SMS, IVR, online, mobile and social)
  • Social Media integration and execution
  • Mobile optimised solutions
  • Terms and Conditions and Trade Promotion permits
  • Prize sourcing and fulfillment
  • Project management


When you’re planning a promotion and identifying your key marketing objectives, Salmat can advise on the best approach for success. Whether you want to increase web traffic, grow subscriptions, generate sales, or build loyalty, Salmat Digital can work with you to choose the right prize, mechanic and channel mix.

We have experience in delivering promotional concepts and customer engagement solutions that meet a wide range of objectives:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Fast-Track Database Acquisition
  • Increase Conversion Rates & Generate Sales
  • Improve Advocacy & Referrals
  • Grow Customer Loyalty programs
  • Drive Online Traffic & Social Engagement

The Right Customer Engagement Channel

The ideal mechanic is determined by various factors. Salmat Digital can work with you to identify the best integrated digital solutions to maximise reach and response:

  • Online – Salmat Digital can design, build and host your promotional microsite, optimise for mobile, and collect and validate consumer data. Games, quizzes and a range of rich interactivity can be incorporated to support consumer engagement with your brand.
  • Mobile – As well as mobile-optimised web promotions, more sophisticated campaigns can be developed and hosted specifically for mobile and in-app, to drive deeper interaction and capture more valuable consumer data.
  • Social Media –Salmat Digital can help you select the right social media mix for your audience and campaign objectives, and integrate your promotion across multiple platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter for brand and user generated content, to richer and more compelling Facebook apps. (More information at Facebook Competitions).
  • SMS – Use SMS as a direct response mechanic for consumers to readily engage with your promotion anywhere, at anytime. SMS supports single and repeat entry, instant win and opt-in for data acquisition. Data can be validated for reporting and insights (barcode, unique code, postcode, etc). Reply messages can be designed to drive the participant to the next phase in the extended customer journey. (See more at SMS Competitions and Promotions)
  • IVR – Another widely used direct response mechanism allowing consumer responses to be collected via a 190 number with pre-recorded script. IVR can accommodate ring 'n' win, instant win, game of skill, additional data capture via the keypad (including active opt-in).

Extending the Consumer Journey

Your promotion may be designed to drive awareness, customer acquisition and conversion, engagement, retention and loyalty, or foster advocacy. Whichever phase of the customer lifecycle your campaign is designed for, don’t let your customer engagement stop there.

Once your promotion has attracted consumer attention, make sure it’s integrated into the bigger picture, and use your promotion to take the consumer on an extended journey with your brand.

We prefer to approach each promotion as part of the overarching consumer engagement strategy, not just a single tactical campaign. We explore and define the long-term benefits for the consumer, and the promoter, by placing promotions within the context of an extended engagement.

Salmat has over 20 years’ experience in promotion and competition management so ask us for more information and advice on how to execute and maximise your next consumer campaign.

Trade Promotions and Competition Permits

As one of the highest permit applicants in Australia, we draft comprehensive, legally-compliant promotion Terms and Conditions, manage the application and liaise with each state authority to get approval

SMS Competitions and Promotions

One of the most widely used interactive mechanics is SMS. SMS offers promoters the opportunity to advertise a very simple call to action, drive immediacy and direct response from the consumer

Facebook Competitions

Salmat can provide social media concepts and creative design, app development and end-to-end promotion execution and management

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