The proliferation and convergeance of new technology-enabled communication channels and the ease of access to information has empowered consumers like never before. As consumers embrace the convenience and utility of a brave new multichannel world, they are communicating with you more and expect the same level of service at every touch point.

Keeping up with customer expectations is easy with Salmat's approach; an integrated, consistent and effective contact centre solution giving you a single view of your customers across all touch points. Salmat works with some of Australia and New Zealand's leading brands across multiple industry sectors to dramatically improve the customer experience and optimise the cost of service delivery.

Integrated Communications

Salmat understands the need to connect with customers through the channel of their choice. Salmat are the experts in designing proactive contact strategies to ensure your business is on the front foot with service, before a customer encounters an issue.

Salmat can help your organisation to integrate customer intelligence from multiple channels in real-time, to create actionable results from your contact centre.

Integration of social media, SMS, chat and self-service channels with traditional voice and automation strategies, can elevate your customer experience and simultaneously reduce the cost of service.

Salmat Reach

Salmat leverages best-of-breed enterprise contact centre applications platform. Powered by Avaya, the global leader in contact centre technology, Salmat REACH is the brain and central nervous system that enables us to create truly innovative connections with your customers.

Salmat also offers a range of automated speech products and services, Natural Language Speech Recognition (NLSR) and voice biometric technologies, to deliver enhanced privacy and security, customer experience and operating efficiencies.

Contact Centres

Salmat's diverse geographic operations provide a comprehensive solution to cater for every level of task complexity, capability and required cost to serve.

Many elements define the potential complexity of managing each customer touch point. High value connections such as sales or retention are best managed by geographies with strong cultural alignment and teams with high levels of competency in sales and negotiation. Conversely, communication tasks with lower complexity can be effectively delivered from virtually any location, and therefore provide an opportunity to optimise the cost to serve.

Cost to serve represents the proportion of total cost acquired to deliver each successful communication outcome. Cost to serve can be optimised using a variety of initiatives including, automation, self-service and a location delivery strategy that enables low complexity interactions to be delivered by near-shore and offshore centres.

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Contact Centre Optimisation

Leverage Salmat’s contact centre optimisation services to get the most out of your internal operations.

Business Consulting

Salmat consulting services include customer experience and strategy consulting, optimisation and transformation and customer engagement and lifecycle management.

Contact Centre Solutions

Salmat is among Australia’s largest and most experienced providers of outsourced contact centre solutions.

Speech Recognition & Voice Biometrics

Salmat's Natural Language Speech Recognition and voice biometrics products, are some of the most innovative and dynamic solutions offered by Salmat.

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