Meet the one person who can help you create lower effort customer interactions, boost efficiency and control costs in your contact centre.

Salmat’s Virtual Agent is a smart routing, identity and automation solution designed to help you navigate a smoother customer experience and build a more efficient contact centre – no matter its size or complexity.

Get straight to the point

Using advanced speech technology, Virtual Agent lets customers cut to the chase. Like your real agents, he asks open-ended questions and understands the caller’s response beyond keywords or phrases. So the customer can be routed quickly to the right people who can help.

No tedious menu prompts, no confusion, no repetition, and no frustration. Simply a more profitable call for the business and a more enjoyable experience for both the agent and customer.

Your Virtual Agent will help you:

  • Improve customer experience and quality of call outcomes
  • Reduce customer effort by identifying the customer and their need in the shortest possible time
  • Build a more engaged workforce
  • Increase contact centre capacity, even if there’s no room to add people
  • Enhance security
  • Reduce overall costs of your contact centre operation

Self-service made easy

Use your Virtual Agent to enhance customer self-service over the phone and reduce the workload of your live agents. Virtual Agent can manage and automate a broad range of interactions, such as store location information, payments, reading and accepting terms and conditions, surveys and other repetitive low value tasks. With Virtual Agent taking on the more repetitive tasks, your team can concentrate on the high value conversations they are trained for.

Listen and learn

Virtual Agent loves to learn and takes notice of what’s working. This means that over time, he adapts to interact more effectively and efficiently within your business. In fact the only thing your Virtual Agent won’t do is empty the dishwasher – but we’re working on it.

Contact us today to discover how Salmat Virtual Agents can reduce contact centre costs and improve the customer experience.

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