Your Hardest Working Asset

Imagine having an agent that loves repetitive tasks, never forgets their training, never takes a break (in fact never sleeps), loves helping fellow team members better engage with customers, and delivers the same superb customer experience on every single call.

Your Salmat Virtual Agents will:

  • Deliver a great customer experience consistently every time, assisting callers immediately rather than leaving them on hold
  • Support your real agents to be highly productive by managing repetitive (but necessary) tasks consistently and accurately
  • Deliver the right calls to the right agents, cutting down misdirected calls and ensuring your real agents only require training for what they ‘need to know’ not ‘everything’
  • Give real agents the ‘heads up’ about why the customer is calling, so an engaging conversation can get underway immediately and callers don’t have to repeat themselves
  • Shoulder all the speech recognition, IVR and voice biometrics duties
  • Not empty the dishwasher (sorry – we’re working on it)

Contact us today to find out how Salmat Virtual Agents can reduce cost and improve the customer experience.

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