Next generation email marketing solutions

A strategic solution means better email marketing results with less effort. Salmat Digital can assist you in leveraging your customer data in order to build real-time email campaigns that automatically optimise based on incoming results helping to:

  • Drive customer acquisitions
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Maximise return on marketing investment
  • Deliver highly relevant conversations with customers and prospects

Your customer. Your digital marketing program

Use Influence to create highly relevant and engaging email marketing programs that leverage subscriber profiles, behaviours and lifecycle events to deliver highly targeted, personalised messages.


  • Create one-time, recurring and lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Role-based permissions enable collaboration across multiple organisations, divisions and business units
  • Powerful rules-based dynamic content engine for one-to-one messages
  • ontinuous optimisation in real-time with advanced testing techniques to deliver to best variation
  • Real time high level and detailed results with exportable presentation-quality reports
  • Burst email delivery technology delivers millions of personalized messages super-fast
  • Local data hosting
  • Sophisticated campaign management platform with intuitive user interface
  • Right-time, event-triggered email marketing messaging
  • Effortless template building and management
  • Advanced data segmentation and targeting
  • Social engagement and mobile device viewing
  • Powerful multi-variate and A/B testing
  • Direct connection to all of your data assets
  • Conversion tracking

Plan. Engage. Influence

Quick and easy personalised email marketing campaigns

Easily create, personalise, test, launch and optimise highly relevant email marketing campaigns with an intuitive interface that blends ease-of-use with advanced functionality.

Advanced segmentation and targeting

Use a drag-and-drop interface to easily build, manage and define sophisticated targets that allow you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Simple or complex lifecycle marketing automation

Powerful lifecycle marketing automation enables you to easily launch automated event triggered programs. Choose from a program template (welcome, abandon, post-purchase, loyalty, win-back) or let Salmat Digital tailor an automated digital marketing multi-stage, multi-wave campaign specific to your business needs and objectives.

Targeted. Everywhere.

Test and optimise on the go

Launch digital marketing campaigns capable of testing multiple variations of content and then automatically determining and deploying the best-performing variation to maximise return on investment (ROI).

Guided A/B testing wizard makes it easy to test any component of an email campaign.

Real-time visibility and reporting

Influence’s powerful reporting makes it easy to monitor and compare all key campaign metrics, including targeted, sent, failed, opens, clicks, shares, conversions, unsubscribes and complaints.
View results via a campaign dashboard or drill into detailed delivery reports that can be exported with one click.

Real-time connectivity to your data

Influence can integrate directly with your existing data sources for real-time targeting and personalisation. Advanced de-duplication, data hygiene and security capabilities keep your information current, accurate and safe.


Want to find out how Influence can give your marketing communications the upper hand?


Australian Privacy Principles - 2014

New Australian Privacy Legislation is due to go live on 12th March 2014. These laws introduce restrictions around how Australian businesses collect, store and use data.

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